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Give Lashes a Lift

Not ready for lash extensions? Lash lifts are a great alternative. Not only can you skip the lash curler, but Lash Artists are able to utilize your natural lashes, making them appear twice as long. Ditch the Eyelash Curler Lash lifts are a huge time saver. No more lash curler means one less thing to do in the morning! The lash lift is a great alternative for clients who don’t want to keep up with the lash extensions and achieve a much more natural look. Keep in mind, however, a lash lift will not elongate your natural lashes. The difference between a lash lift and a perm is the rod we use, otherwise it's generally the same process. The lift curls the base of the eyelashes. With a perm, we us

Discover Your Perfect Lashes

We are all wonderfully unique individuals--everything from our shoe size to our eyelashes. One of a kind lashes means making the right choice for lash extensions all the more important. So Many Choices If you've never had eyelash extensions--in all their customizable glory--the possibilities can seem highly confusing. There are several different kinds of lashes--all of which come in varied lengths and thicknesses. When choosing what kind is right for you, ironically, most dependent on your choice is the health and thickness of your natural lashes. Also, keep in mind, we can only go twice the thickness and length of your natural lashes. Furthermore, nobody holds the same amount of lashes on

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