Allergic reactions to eyelash extensions, while unlikely, can occur from time to time. While this can be unpleasant and disappointing, you should be aware of the possibility. Furthermore, it may just be a temporary irritation that you are experiencing. 

Allergic Re...

1.Look Great in Photos

With all the photos taken at holiday time, whether family holiday cards or at get-togethers, you will look amazing for every photo-op with some beautiful eyes that pop.

2.Dazzle at Parties

There are never-ending parties to attend during the holidays...

What is Eyelash Tinting

Not only is eyelash tinting a great way to make your lashes appear darker and bolder, the simple procedure really helps make your eyes pop too! The lash tinting process is quick and easy, and a great alternative for those not yet ready for eyelas...

You may have recently noticed that you are losing more eyelashes than usual. While this can be a bit disheartening, it is completely normal and nothing to panic about. Furthermore, it is only temporary--soon your lashes will be back to their normal, thicker selves....

For generations, brides have been searching for ways to not only feel their best, but also look their most stunning on their big day. The most striking way to make your bridal look pop is with some beautiful eyelash extensions! Not only do they make for a beautiful bri...

Whether you have lash extensions or not, you should be aware of the  normal physical process of hair loss which takes place in the spring time--not only in our eyelashes--but on our head as well. 

Why is This Happening

How hair follicles respond to the weather...

There are many benefits to getting eyelash extensions and brow treatments for pregnant women and mothers. Not only is it a huge time saver, but there are many surprising benefits.

Save Time & Look Great 

I have a lot of busy moms for clients who get their lashes and brow...

Colored Lash

Colored eyelash extensions are a fun choice for events, special occasions, concerts, summertime fun, holidays, and more. 

There are countless options to choose from, whether you want to create a more subtle look, or achieve the instant 'wow factor.'


Not all lash artists are created equal. When opting for lash extensions, it's best to do your homework to find a legitimate and qualified lash artist in your area.

Credentials & Client Care

Lash extensions are a very difficult service to perform. It takes a lot of hard w...

When investing in your eyelashes, it only makes sense that you'd want to get the most out of your purchase and make them last.

Following the Aftercare tips below is the best way to ensure you keep those lashes looking luscious, for longer.

Keep Them Dry


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