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All About the Lash Tint

What is Eyelash Tinting

Not only is eyelash tinting a great way to make your lashes appear darker and bolder, the simple procedure really helps make your eyes pop too! The lash tinting process is quick and easy, and a great alternative for those not yet ready for eyelash extensions.

The Basics

Eyelash tint is a naturally-based, vegetable dye that will not harm your eyelashes. Results typically last 3-4 weeks. To make the tint last longer, do not use oil based cleansers or eye make-up remover on your lashes.

Tinting does not replace mascara. It does, however, give the lashes a darker appearance and is extremely natural looking. That being said, tinting is not going to give your lashes the length and thickness that some mascaras can do.

The service only takes about 15 minutes, is maintenance free and there are no after care steps required. The service costs $20.

Who Can Get Tinted

Though non-invasive, lash tinting is not recommended for people with sensitive eyes, allergies, or extremely short, to very fine lashes.

Eyelash tinting is best suited for lashes that are healthy, long and thick--these people tend to have the most successful results. Not recommended for people who are sensitive around the eye area.


For questions about lash tinting, or to schedule an appointment, click here.

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