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How to Wow for the Vows

For generations, brides have been searching for ways to not only feel their best, but also look their most stunning on their big day. The most striking way to make your bridal look pop is with some beautiful eyelash extensions! Not only do they make for a beautiful bridal look, they also work great for photos, showers and more.

Big Day and Beyond

Not only are lash extensions great for your wedding day, they are also great for engagement photos/parties, bachelorette parties, showers and other parties. Plus, after all the festivities, your lashes come in extremely handy for the honeymoon! You can skip the mascara and opt for an effortless beauty routine of some BB Cream, lip balm and your luscious lashes!

Not Just For Brides

Lash extensions are not just for brides either. Bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride mother-of-the- groom, personal attendants, etc., can also step up their look for the occasion. With all the photos being taken and all the events leading up to the wedding, all those involved can benefit from some beautiful lashes as well.

Be Prepared

Many bride-to-be's opt for spray tans for the wedding and plan a pre-vow facial appointment. For optimal results, I highly recommend you get a facial first, next the spray tan and finish with lash applications. The facial will pave the way for a clean, fresh and smooth canvas which will aid in the spray tan lasting longer, and the lash application flawless.

When To Schedule

It's best to make your appointment for at least a week before your wedding date. Even better if you make your initial appointment several weeks or a month before the day so that you have time to become acquainted with the lashes. You definitely do not want to schedule lash appointments too close to your wedding. As for the final touch-up before your big day, I recommend scheduling your last lash refill 3 to 4 days before the wedding date.


For more information on wedding day and special occasion looks, or to schedule your next appointment, click here.