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Don't Dread the Spring Shed

Whether you have lash extensions or not, you should be aware of the normal physical process of hair loss which takes place in the spring time--not only in our eyelashes--but on our head as well.

Why is This Happening

How hair follicles respond to the weather is not yet fully known. However, there are some explanations that have been proposed. One of the answers may come from changes in the ambient humidity.

Regardless of your hair loss type, the humidity around you could be the culprit for uncooperative and frizzy locks. In high humidity, your hair is harder to manage and likely to become frizzy, or fluffy ended--even if you're hair normally lacks the frizz-factor.

Like other mammals, human hair may thin out in order to provide a thinner summer coat, allowing the body to cool down more effectively. Also, like a lot of people, you are likely to wash and shampoo your hair more often in the summer days. Doing so, however, may cause irritation and hair loss.

While there is not much you can do to eliminate this spring-time hair loss, there are a few things you can do to help.

Remember to Cleanse

Cleansing of your lashes during this change is very important. You should always be doing this, however, during the spring shed, you definitely don't want to skimp! As always, be sure to use a gentle, oil-free cleanser. I recommend Borboleta's Lash Bath cleanser.

Furthermore, allergies are on the rise during this time which can cause buildup in the lashes. This buildup, plus excess oil production is a surefire way to clog hair follicles which can add stress to your eyelashes.

Get Extra Fills

Though completely normal, if you are concerned with spring-time lash loss, it is in your best interest to see your lash artist for some extra eyelash fills. Remember, this natural process is temporary, so filling in more frequently during the spring shed should help to eliminate any noticeable gaps in your lash line.


Though the spring shedding of your hair can be frustrating and alarming, fear not--it will all be over soon! For more information, or to schedule your next appointment, click here.

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