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Find a Qualified Lash Artist

Not all lash artists are created equal. When opting for lash extensions, it's best to do your homework to find a legitimate and qualified lash artist in your area.

Credentials & Client Care

Lash extensions are a very difficult service to perform. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, on behalf of the lash artist, to master the skill of eyelash extensions.

I would look at the artists' credentials. The Lash Extension Industry is growing extremely fast and there are lots of new artists jumping on the lash extension bandwagon.

That being said, we all need to start somewhere. If you're seeing a newer artist, don't be dissuaded if they are offering discounts on their services--usually this is the time they are gaining crucial experience and depend on said services to perfect their talent.

If your'e not 100% satisfied with your first set, or experience some lash fall-off in the first couple days, make sure to contact your lash artist immediately. Most of us guarantee our work and are therefore willing to fix it and learn from it.

Furthermore, always confirm, when making your lash appointments, that any unforseen problems will be taken care of in the future. More often than not, it’s just a couple minor things that need tweaking, such as the glue being used.

Some clients require a slightly stronger glue than others-- it often just depends on how oily the skin is. Oily skin simply needs a stronger glue. We usually carry around three different types of glue to customize with each person. Some people don’t require a strong glue and the lashes hold up just as well.

Sometimes, even just switching up the lash curl can make a world of difference.

Buyer Beware

Unfortunately, there are some lash artists out there who are not dedicated to their work. If they are not willing to fix your lashes, then I would not go back.

Make sure to let your lash artist know if you’re having any problems, if anything hurts, or if your are experiencing irritation. If you are having an allergic reaction, professional lash artists will use a solution for lash removal which keeps your natural lashes intact.

Hair glue and nail glue are two big no-no's. Professionals should use a medical grade glue made for eyelash extensions. I have heard many horror stories about places using hair glue and nail glue. I’ve heard stories of lash artists applying a line of glue and setting the lashes right on top!

Lashes should only ever be applied individually, to each eyelash.

Licensing & Cleanliness

Always look for licenses. They should be displayed in the reception area or in the treatment room, easily visible to you.

This past February, Minnesota passed a law stating that each lash artist must be working in a licensed Salon. Furthermore, lash artists must hold a Minnesota eyelash extension, cosmetology or estheticians license. Make sure your artist is licensed and trained in eyelash extensions.

The state is very strict about sanitation, as it should be. Sanitation guidelines ensure salon owners and lash artists are using the proper sanitation procedures.

I’ve heard some crazy stories from clients who've visited lash artists at their homes--birds flying around, cats climbing on clients during services--there should NEVER be animals of any kind in workspaces or salons.

While lash artists are legally able to have home salons, make sure that the entrance is separate from their homes and they DO have a salon license.


It can be challenging and scary looking for an adequate lash artist, but be assured, if you choose iLash Beauty Bar for your services, you will always be in good, professional (and sanitary, ha) hands!

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