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Winterize Your Eyes

For many of us, the arrival of winter means time to prepare the car, get out the hats and gloves, and further moisturize and protect our skin. Many don't realize, however, our hair and lashes are just as important when it comes to needing protection from the elements.

The dropping of temperature and humidity levels can weaken your skin and eyelashes. Dry skin and hair can disrupt the lash growth cycle causing the lashes to shed prematurely and grow slower than usual.

But fear not! There is much to be done when it comes to protecting your eyelashes from the cold weather. Below are my tips and tricks to keeping those luscious lashes flawless and winter-ready.


Take Your Vitamins

Cold, dry air can suck the moisture right out of your lashes, causing them to become brittle. Taking your vitamins is a great way to combat the elements.

Making vitamins a part of your daily routine will not only help strengthen your eyes and lashes, but also help protect them as well.

I recommend Vitamin H, also known as biotin, vitamins b7 and b5. They help by coating lashes with a protective layer, which seals in moisture and nourishment.

Another option is amino acids. They help replenish the building blocks of lash hair by boosting the protein structure.



Another great choice is to implement a toner into your skin regimen. Toners are amazing for restoring the skins moisture. They also help to restore the skins pH balance.

Your skin is naturally acidic, with a pH balance between five and six, on a scale from 0 to 14. But that balance can get stripped away after cleansing, due to the alkaline nature of soaps.

Using a toner restores this balance, helping your skins ability to absorb products, and adds a layer of protection. Any oil free, hydrating toner will do. Spritz over face and eye area for best results. Plus, it feels so refreshing!

I recommend the following products:

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera


Dermalogica multi active toner

Hyaluronic acid



Eyelash serums are wonderful for the health of your eye lashes. They not only condition, moisturize and strengthen your lashes, many of them contain necessary vitamins as well.

Serums boast a ton of great ingredients, polypeptides and amino acids which help protect from breakage.

I recommend the following products:

RevitaLash Advance

Lash Food

Rapid Lash

Neu Lash


Now that winter is upon us, don't forget about your eyelashes!

When in doubt, remember to moisturize around the eye area with ONLY oil free products, and come in for a lash fill every two to three weeks.

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