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Give Lashes a Lift

Not ready for lash extensions? Lash lifts are a great alternative. Not only can you skip the lash curler, but Lash Artists are able to utilize your natural lashes, making them appear twice as long.

Before & After Lash Lift Procedure

Ditch the Eyelash Curler

Lash lifts are a huge time saver. No more lash curler means one less thing to do in the morning! The lash lift is a great alternative for clients who don’t want to keep up with the lash extensions and achieve a much more natural look. Keep in mind, however, a lash lift will not elongate your natural lashes.

The difference between a lash lift and a perm is the rod we use, otherwise it's generally the same process.

The lift curls the base of the eyelashes. With a perm, we use a rod that curls the entire lash back, resulting in a much tighter curl. Because of this, the lashes don’t appear as long as they do with a lash lift.

Essentially, the lash lift mimics what an eyelash curler does, without the inevitable loss of curl at the end of the day.

Lash Lift 101

Below is a step-by-step pictorial of a lash lift procedure:

1. First, we glue a silicon pad onto the eyelid.

2. After the silicon pad is firmly adhered to the eyelid, we apply a slight amount of eyelash glue onto the surface of the silicon pad, gluing each eyelash up and back onto the silicon pad.

3. Next, we apply the perming solution to the eyelashes which sits between 10-15 minutes.

4. We remove the perming solution, then apply a special setting lotion which sits on the lashes for another 10-15 minutes.

After the initial treatment, we can perform a lash tint or move on to the final step:

5. A nourishing oil is applied to moisturize your lashes, which we let soak in for five minutes.

Preparation & Aftercare

Make sure to arrive with clean lashes to your appointment.

Keep lashes dry and away from any kind of moisture--no showers, steam rooms, etc.--for the first 24 hours after your appointment.

Although not necessary, feel free to use mascara on your lashes after the initial 24 hours.

The lift should last up to 8 weeks. Taking adequate care of your lashes is the best way to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

To keep up your lash lift, I recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks.

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