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Discover Your Perfect Lashes

We are all wonderfully unique individuals--everything from our shoe size to our eyelashes. One of a kind lashes means making the right choice for lash extensions all the more important.

So Many Choices

If you've never had eyelash extensions--in all their customizable glory--the possibilities can seem highly confusing. There are several different kinds of lashes--all of which come in varied lengths and thicknesses.

When choosing what kind is right for you, ironically, most dependent on your choice is the health and thickness of your natural lashes. Also, keep in mind, we can only go twice the thickness and length of your natural lashes.

Furthermore, nobody holds the same amount of lashes on each eye. Studies have shown that the dominate side of our bodies (whether we're right or left handed) tends to be more stimulated than the opposite side--including your lashes--allowing for more blood flow and nutrients getting to the hair follicles, causing stronger, faster lash growth.

3 main types: volume, mink and classic.

Volume Lashes have transformed the industry. Now, we are able to fully customize the level of thickness you want to achieve. Made of silk material, they are extremely light weight and natural looking. With the volume lashes we can apply 2 to 15 silk lashes onto each one of your natural lashes.

Choosing from 2D,3D,4D and so on (the number means how many lashes are applied to one natural lash) we can customize the fullness of your extensions, based on the health and thickness of your natural lashes, creating the desired look--from very natural, to extremely dramatic.

Filling in the gaps of the natural lash line is one of the main benefits of volume lashes--we achieve this by fanning out the lashes to create a thicker look.

If you're a bride to be, volume lashes are a great choice. Many brides opt for a thicker, fuller look. Not only will it look stunning on the bid day, but in corresponding photos as well.

I've had so many brides end up wearing less makeup on there wedding day thanks to application of the volume lashes. Plus, no mascara means no tear-filled makeup running down the brides face and eliminates the need for mascara on the honeymoon!


Most lash artists use Mink Lashes. These lashes are made from synthetic PBT or polyester resin, similar to plastic. Cashemere lashes, silk lashes, mink lashes and faux mink lashes are not referring to the material used for the manufacturing of the lash extension, but rather the style and specifications of said lashes.

Lash Salons often advertise synthetic mink as genuine mink because the lash manufacturing companies advertise it as mink...but don't be fooled, it's not real mink!

Siberian Mink lashes are made with genuine hair from the animal. They are beautiful lashes--extremely soft and light weight. However, sometimes the Siberian mink lashes don’t hold the curl as well as volume or classic. Pioneering lash artists had to use the Siberian mink to create what we now can achieve with the volume lashes.


When applying the Classic Lashes, we can only apply one lash extension to each individual natural lash.

Classic lashes are great for individuals with healthy and strong natural lashes. Most lash artists carry 3 different levels of thickness to choose from, including 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20.

When opting for the classics, we can achieve a look of natural to medium fullness.

Discuss it With a Pro

When determining which lashes are the best you for you, make sure to thoroughly discuss both your desired look and your natural lashes with your lash artist.

For older clients, who's lashes have thinned due to hormonal changes, I like to use 2D to give them a little fullness but keep them natural-looking. The lashes are so light weight, it doesn’t feel like anything is on your lashes.

If you have delicate lashes, I would recommend the volume lashes because we can use a 0.03 or 0.05 as they are the closest to your natural lashes, in regards to thickness.

Younger clients who boast heartier, stronger natural lashes, can pull off the classics and still achieve a medium fullness. The classic lashes are also great for creating the look of mascara.